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Guerin will soon be releasing his single entitled "I PROPOSE" which focuses on society and togetherness.



Roland Guerin's Song "28 DAYS" Wins the BURL Audio 2021 COVID-19 Songwriting Contest 

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New Singles Out Now!

"HICKERY DICKERY" and "28 DAYS" are now available for purchase on all platforms. 




"STICK TO THE BASICS" Music Video on Ibanez USA Website

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"No Tears Suite: Live From New Orleans" 

Roland Guerin performs alongside Brian Blade, Christopher Parker, Kelley Hurt, Bobby LaVell, Marc Franklin, and Chad Fowler on “No Tears Suite: Live from New Orleans,” a collaboration with the National Park Service presented by The Oxford American, New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park, and Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site.



"GRASS ROOTS" Available Worldwide!

Roland Guerin's latest album "GRASS ROOTS" is now available worldwide on all platforms. 



Roland Guerin Performs on Paul Gilbert's New Album "Behold Electric Guitar"

Click here to check out one of the tunes. 



New Single "Black Coffee" Now Available For Purchase

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New Direction  

Music to me has always been a way to tell stories, a way to reach people through melody, rhythm and sound with our tools of choice. There are many forms and styles of music from which we can choose to share our expression. My influences, teaching, mentoring and upbringing are the vehicles that have lead me to the point of not withholding anything from you, the audience, the listener. I'm influenced by popular songs of twenty, thirty, forty years ago and beyond. Songs were songs then and they were strong. They had meaning and they were sincere. In understanding many of the concepts, genres, and styles of music, I choose to bring to you a heartfelt, organic mixture of songs, telling stories that will hopefully speak to your hearts the same way they spoke to mine.

Black Coffee 

Super excited to announce that I just released my new single Black Coffee on CDBaby ;) iTunes release is scheduled for next week. Stay tuned 'cause more good stuff is on the way! 

Quote of the Day 

"When I think of a person's voice, I don't think about whether it's their musical voice or their everyday community voice because with folks that are honest with themselves, this voice is one and the same." – Roland Guerin

What will it be? 

Playing flashy will excite people but saying something meaningful will speak to them! I've been paying attention and a lot of the world likes flashy but please let's not mistake that for greatness.


Music is strong, beautiful, emotional and able to move people from around the world. It being a universal language enables people to share and grow together from all walks of life. I’m glad to be a part of the music community, with a vision and hope to bring people together.   - Roland Guerin